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HELLOOO! Welcome to Rosie (the band)’s blog!

We’re a band from the middle of nowhere. We’ve been recording and writing music for a while, in various incarnations. We started as “Spigue O Feach”, but have recently moved on to a more sensible name “Rosie” (it’s a lot easier to say)

Since Rich Huxley got hold of us, you can find us pretty much anywhere on the internet. Twitter (to the right), Facebook, Myspace or if you want to listen/download/buy (if you’re feeling really nice) you can head over to the Bandcamp Page. Bandcamp is fantastic, there is some seriously good stuff on there, and it is free unless you choose to pay.

We gladly accept donations! AllĀ proceedsĀ go towards making you a better person. (not really, it goes towards making Rosie much LOUDER, with bigger amps and prettier lights. Some people may disapprove…)

We are trying to do this completely on our own, so we are pretty much relying on the kindness of others to get the band up and running (as we are all completely broke :D). We also have an Amazon Wish List (I’ve always thought they were a bit cheeky)

Download our e.p. here

One response

  1. Fantastic – glad to see you being proactive. Looks great!

    October 14, 2009 at 12:36 pm

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