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Last night was a great success! Much to our surprise we came out on top, against some seriously strong competition, even though nobody came to see us. Thanks to everyone who voted for us, you made our night!

It wasn’t an huge crowd, and most of the people who were there came to see On Our Feet, a great indie band from york (with a good following it seems). They came a close second. They would have won on votes, they got 2 more than us, but the judges add an extra 20% to their favourite. Thank you judges! Arctic Fury headlined. They were the tightest band we’ve seen in ages, and they were really nice guys. In my opinion they should have won, but it wasn’t really their scene. They belong on the Download mainstage!

So we need as many people as possible to come to the first heat. I’m not sure exactly when it is yet, we’ll keep you updated. This won’t exactly make or break us, but we’d love to win (as well as the £1000 cash, there are slots on some pretty tasty music festivals up for grabs). Think of all the cool sounds we could make with £1000!!

We’re doing an audition for Live and Unsigned on the 29th (no laughing!). It’s a 2 minute set, and it’s going to be hilariously bad, but we’re doing it anyway :). We’re also playing in Goole on wednesday. We have no idea where it is, but it sounds like a good night! :D

Well, that’s all for now. Check out if you like all things heavy!


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