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Fibbers and Newcastle

First off, I would like to officially confirm that we are now playing on the 27TH of Feburary at the Dog and Parrot. Not the 22nd or the 20th. THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME IT CHANGES. The good news is, Sam Collier (our dearest friend) is also playing on that day!!! So you can come and see two great acts for the price of one (plus a few other bands, but we don’t know them).

Fibbers was ace! There was a turnout of around 200 people. The Standbys won (they were ace) and we came second (we got the judges vote again :D). Apparently there is a chance we can still go through, the rules are confusing. Heads up to The Jackstops too, they had a great set.

Overall it was a pretty surprising night. I was positive Elan Vitale would win (they have some great songs), and I definitely didn’t think we would get 2nd. I should mention here that we most certainly wouldn’t have come second without the Tadcaster/Aftershock chaps (You guys are mental!!! We want you at every gig) and anyone else who came to see us/voted for us. We were a bit grumpy (it is becoming a trend at these battle of the bands) and I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to give you all big hugs.

We’re playing another battle of the bands this friday at the Hambleton Forum. We’re really looking forward to playing Northallerton again, I feel like we have roots there. We’re up against The Shadracks (our arch nemesis, there will be shenanigans! :D), Rise From the Ashes, Ailish Breen, The Pinstripes, Electric Nightmares, One Way Street and Carnelian (couldn’t find everyone). I’ll admit I not sure about our chances for this one, WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE SO DAMN GOOD!!

We’ll be following all this up with a nice recording session on Sunday (to fix up doug’s crappy vocal takes that we did at 4am). I’m going to make an effort to photograph all of this so I’ll have something interesting to put on the blog!

Thanks again for everyone who voted for us.

Live long and prosper (those of you who are savy may very well make a connection after seeing our performance o).


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