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Turning a Pacifica into a Telecaster

Have you been hankering for a nice Telecaster but cant afford it? We Doug has, so we came up with an ingenious solution.

Step 1

Take your guitar and place it on a suitable surface (the kitchen table).

Step 2

Use a jigsaw to vaguely cut a Telecaster shape into it (take care not to cut a Gibson shape):

Step 3

Round off the edges with a rasp. So far you should have something resembling this:

If you don’t then you’ve probably done something wrong.

Now, as you know, a Telecaster is nothing without it’s paint job, which moves us nicely onto…

Step 4

We aimed for a nice “Daphne Blue” colour as seen here:

Our’s isn’t as neat, but it’s a fair match:

And we’re done! Look out for the new and improved Jazz guitar at Fibbers this Friday.

Much love,


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