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This blog post is coming to you from somewhere in Pateley Bridge. We’ve been out of contact for many days now, with no hope of internet.

I’m posting this from my grandmas garden (gotta love wireless). It is very cold, and I’m not very well (poor me etc etc). Suffice to say that that I’m on the edge. So when news reached me that we are playing at THE 6K VISION FASHION SHOW at Northallerton College I very nearly fell off my wall (I was sitting on a wall). I don’t know much about it, but it sounds hilarious. We’ll keep you posted on that one.

As you probably know we played a gig at Fibbers last Saturday. It was a really interesting night. Dorian Starre were headlining (it’s pronounced “star” by the way, I thought it was “stare”). My favourite song of theirs would have to be Human Future, their last song. I love it, it has a really lazy “I don’t give a crap” rock and roll feel to it. They also have a new website, it’s pretty damn cool (better than ours. I blame Doug). Supporting them were Glass. The lead singer is the guy who announces the Battle of the Bands at Fibbers with his terrible jokes. He’s hilarious (in fact, they all are. They all seem to have a similar, bizarre sense of humour). It took a couple of listens to really “get” their music. They kindly gave us a copy of their EP/album (I cant decide which it is, I imagine it’s probably somewhere inbetween) and I have been listening to it.

What’s even more interesting is the story they put behind the band. It’s written like a novel (or perhaps I misunderstood and it’s all true).

I’ve been researching the life of Anthony Glass for over a year, and so far I’ve got more questions than answers. A bizarre collection of coincidences, synchronicity and luck, or are there larger forces at work?

Their site is well worth a look.

It was definitely one of our better gigs, the Tadcaster Possy were throwing some sweet moves and just being generally beautiful. We also tried out some new songs and we very nearly got them right! (including Feel Electric, which will be our next release).

Talking of releases, the holidays are looking pretty busy. We’re finishing of our recordings with Rich Huxley, and 6kvision just gave us the go ahead to borrow some equipment to do some recordings of our own, which we shall document for your viewing pleasure (I’d like to do the live webcam thing Embrace did recently, I’ll look into it).

We’re also booked for The Limetree Festival and the Willowman Festival. More on that later.

That looks like everything band related for now. There should be some amusing photos from our Cornwall roadtrip next weekend. But until then, I’ll leave you with a picture of Doug, on the trampoline in a sleeping bag:


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