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I’m listening to Alessi’s Ark on FuzzedOut. Love the site, love the band :)

Why is it you get more done at 4am than at any other time? I blame – like StumbleUpon for music.

Richmond Live was pretty cool. It was nice to see some familiar faces. It makes us a happy band :D. Highlights of the day had to be:

Kill Cafe – Really cool solo act, he made some crazy noises with those little machines.

Project 142 – This is Neash’s band (he’s the dude who’s always breaking things at 6k gigs). They kick ass live, even though the guitarist was too drunk to play (it was his birthday) and there was a huge hole in the bass drum.

We’re playing with Project 142 again this tuesday (I guess that would be… tomorrow) at the New County Arms in Northallerton. It’s going to be a mental night of dubstep, drum’n’bass and electro rock (I think that’s probably what we are). I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to a gig more!

In other news Donate For Great has snowballed into something quite interesting! It seems to be popping up everywhere. You can get tickets here. If you want to know more… come.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Nick making something. This is how Rosie was created:


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