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If anyone ever actually read this blog, you will be glad to see that we are finally updating it again after two long years of using Facebook and Twitter instead. It has been a very busy time for us, with good things happening and bad things happening (mostly good though!) which I will try to sum up for you lovely readers here…
Last summer we released our debut album Aftaparty, (which you can download here), and so far we have sold about 350 copies! Amazing! People seem to like it, but that might just be because they can hold it up to their faces and pretend they have real facial hair:

We also recorded a video for our new single “Fever,” which is currently being created by Ross Anderson, a crazy Scotsman with a fancy video camera. We had a lot of fun making the video, part of which was recorded during a gig at Fibbers (we had to play the song 5 times to a very understanding crowd, who tried their best to look interested each time) and partly in Ross’s attic, which was EXTREMELY cold (but that didn’t stop Doug getting naked anyway)! Hopefully you will be able to view this masterpiece of film quite soon, but don’t hold your breath because it has been 6 months since we filmed it and there’s still no sign!
ImageLastly, we have managed to get ourselves two shiny new backing singers! They are called Izzy and Jaz and they have done a few gigs with us now – we think they are awesome and a vast improvement to the Rosie sound. They also do a good job of covering up Doug’s terrible tuning when he sings live! Here is a picture of them from a very weird angle (they do usually look a bit more normal than this)! Credit to Luke Foster for the photo:
Anyway, I think I will leave it at that for now, we have a big gig at the Cockpit coming up that we really need to practice for – if we win, we get to play at Leeds fest! Oh, and you can buy tickets here if you want to come down and support us :)
Lots of love!


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