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Like I said on the home page, we have been through various incarnations as a band. We started as the three of us, when we were about 14 (I think). We are a bunch of misfits, and even then I think our music reflected that. Even though it was crap, it has always been original. Back then, Doug played bass (it is his main instrument, we often wonder what the hell he is doing, singing and playing guitar).

We “moved on” since then. We got bored of making real music and started playing with synths. I have an old casio phase distortion synth that we plugged into a bass amp, Doug started playing guitar and making an attempt at singing. The first song we wrote in this configuration was called “Civilian Soundmaster”. We did a recording of it later on for old times sake.

I started getting impatient with the limited sound of the synth, so in came the PC. It became more and more integral to the band until we ended up putting everything through it. Guitar, Vocals, Synths, Piano and we even played with drum replacement. However, throughout all of this, we made sure we could still play live (we didn’t use any sequenced or pre-recorded stuff). The only problem was the computer I had wasn’t very portable.

The night before our very first gig (a battle of the bands in Northallerton, arranged by 6kvision) we bungie roped my pc and all the bits we needed into a wooden storage box, which we dubbed “The Laptop”. The sound engineers didn’t really know what to expect. Anyway, we won (much to our surprise), which gave us the confidence we needed.

We carried on writing songs, and I got a job. With said job I raised enough cash to upgrade “The Laptop” to “The Box”. The box is essentially a slightly more travel-proof version of the “The Laptop”, with a better computer in it (allowing us to do more things :D). It was built by Nick (Security). I’d just like to mention something here. We use three pieces of Behringer gear in the band, and every single one has broken in some way. I just thought I’d throw that out there.

That pretty much leaves us were we are now. We have continued to work with 6kvision, who have helped us a great deal. We are currently under the wing of Rich Huxley, who has introduced us to the wonderful world of the internet, and has put us off record companies for life :D. The rest is ahead of us!


“I don’t want to download this shit !” Marine Baumann

“It’s better than coldplay…” Joseph Kuby


One response

  1. joe wilson

    woop woop
    u guys ar totally awesome
    keep posting the music

    January 28, 2010 at 6:39 pm

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