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Found It!

It was my own, idiotic fault. How do you leave a keyboard at a gig?!? Ah well, the lovely 6K guys are bringing it down on thursday so all is well.

We’re entered into the Fibbers Battle of the Bands (york) with £1000 prize money :D. We’re up against ARCTIC FURY, ON OUR FEET, NEW LAW and WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN. We are going to need the support of our die-hard audience for this one. It’s £4 in and each person gets a voting slip. The band with the most votes wins so get your ass down there.

I will leave you with a picture of the Rosie Truck:




We had a great time at Aftershock this weekend, although I was disapointed at the lack of Laser Quest, probably too much rain. There were some amazingly stupid technical problems (my fault), but we pulled through, so it’s ok. If anyone has any photos send a message in the “Contact Us” box and I’ll get back to you.

Unfortunaly either I’m an idiot and I left one of my keyboards there, or some sod ran off with it, so we’re a bit buggered at the moment. I need to get hold of the 6k guys and see if they picked it up.

This is all made up for by the nice message we got from Emily:

Aaah! I love you guys, seriously. :)
You were amazing at Aftershock, Selby tonight (:
I actually would pay so much to see you guys live again, :D
Thanks for the tshirt, the plectrum, the signed arm, and a bloody great night :)
Emily x (one of the two wierdo’s at the front ;))

We love you too :)

What is going on?!?!

It happened again! Top searches “naked in scotland” “doug naked”. I’m starting to think people like us for other reasons!

Last night was cold (really cold) but pretty fun. We had some epic screw-ups and we tried some new things but over all I think it was a success!

We have to go and load everything up for tonight, so I’ll leave it at that. See you tonight!

Good Times and New Things

Hey! It’s been a while (I’ve been recovering from my birthday, and just generally otherwise engaged).

Nick made us a new keyboard stand! We tried it out at the latest gig:


I know, it’s pretty cool right :D

The gig itself went well. There wasn’t a huge crowd, but they all seemed to have a good time, so it’s ok.

I won’t put them all up, just look at our channel.

We have 2 gigs this weekend! Starting with our début gig in our home town (playing to the sheep and the cows). If all goes well some people will dance, some ears will bleed and some car alarms will go off.

This is the new poster for it (they made us change it because “nobody will get it”).

New Poster

Anyway, I’ve been looking at this screen far too long (stupid youtube uploading thing). Hope to see you at the next gig!


Good news, we’ve been booked for AfterShock on the 5th of December. It’s in Selby this time, at the Community Centre. We’re playing at 8pm before the last band. It should be a laugh!

In other news, the Christmas Spark thing is starting to look a little bit more interesting. We have the use of an awesome PA (provided by our dear friend James) so it’s going to be LOUD!

Here’s the poster (it’s not really finished yet, we’ll probably change it):


Our quotes page is looking a little bit thin! I would be great if you could stick your comments in the “Contact Us” page and just say what you think (negative comments are great too).

We’re practising all weekend to get our set nailed (it’s not ready until you can play it in the dark… wasted).

Bad News

Hello all, it’s Louis. I’m afraid we have some bad news. Doug went to the doctor today, he has eaten too much and hurt his jaw. He is not allowed any solids for a week (AHAHAHAHAHAHA).

In other news, the most searched thing on the blog is “Doug Naked”. Ok, who was it?

New Song

RIGHT! We finally have something vaguely resembling an intro song. This has been our main ball-ache these last few weeks (mostly because we are crap at writing specifically for something, they usually just happen). We gave up on using Civilian Soundmaster, it just didn’t seem to work. Remember this is a really crap recording, we pretty much wrote the song as we did it (and I’m finding playing bass and lead as well as singing is pretty tricky).

Tell us what you think, we genuinely need feedback on this one.

Remember to keep emailing us, we love to get comments and suggestions (even if they’re abusive and crap :D).


Hey it’s Doug. This is Jonco.

“A wizard is never late.”

Kasabian Gig

Oi Oi! Its Doug, under strict orders from The Hux Ejaculator to give a full-bodied report on the musical goings on of Rosie. Right, well, we’re writing a new song, that we’re going to open with, (we’ll try it out at this indie gig on the 28th) it’s very Kasabian. That sort of badass indie swing they put on everything that makes you want to jump up and down. The reason for this; we saw Kasabian in the Wembley arena, and they were amazing.

Ok, the following is like, a report on the gig, if anything, its a guide on how to make the most of your shitty back-of-the-stadium tickets (although we probably had more fun than if we had just bought floor tickets). We got the tube in, which was awesome, because Wembley stadium is huge, and you just don’t see it coming when you get off the train. We took a quick trip to an awful pub, miiiiles away from the stadium, just for a few cheap ones to get us started before we got to the gig. I say pub, I mean the foyer of a 2 star hotel, don’t ask, I don’t know, and its the internet. So, send me an email or something. In fact, just don’t. Dont do anything. Shut up and read. After drinks we split up because of seating plans and such, me and Louis on our own, and Tommy with the rest somewhere else.

I’m going to go ahead and skip to the part when we found our seats, everything before that bit is boring. So we got to our seats, and were like, whoa, what the hell, these are crap.

Taken from our original seats

The stage must have been about 300 meters away, I could be wrong, so dont quote me on that. But it was a long way away, and high up, so we weren’t getting any bass. It was about then (reverend and the makers were playing… not a fan…) that we decided that we would somehow get better seats, no matter what. If you look at the photos from my phone, you can sort of build a mental picture of roughly what happened.

A few songs later, and a fair bit closer

We started sneaking forward through all of the seats sideways, to get closer to the stage and to the floor, and also where there would be more people to cover our advance. You can see the stage getting slowly closer and closer, as well as the lighting changing. When the light changes it tends to mean its a different song, so you can see it took us a while.

Nearly on the floor...

We took a lot of fake toilet breaks, so we could plan a route to get down to the floor, and check where security was slack. We made a few attempts to just walk past the security guarding the stairs to the ground floor but it wasn’t happening.

After lengthy discussion, and a fair few strawpedos (bit of dutch courage) we decided the song we needed to see was fire, and we didnt mind being kicked out of Wembley after, or during that song. so as soon as we heard fire, we had to make a move. the main route being a 12 foot drop onto the floor from the lowest row of seats.

So we were ready to rock, merry, and absolutely buzzing. we took one last fake toilet break to check the security one more time, when fire came on, and we were no where near our designated jump point. In fact, we were about 3 feet away from the stairs leading to the ground floor, and as fire had come on there was a lot of people going into the stadium, so dear readers, with the thought of saving our delicate country ankles from a nasty jump from the seats, we made a move for the stairs.

Haha, see what I did there, its like a novel. I should be a writer… anyway, against all expectations and 4 men in ridiculous orange jackets we got past in a crowd of cockneys and Kasabian lovers, and to coin the phrase; fucking do one, we pushed past the diluted audience near the back of the arena, and into the glorious thick of it.

"Fuckin' do one!!"

Safe in the sweaty safeness of the crowd :)

:D awww yea. but, obviously were not going to stop there, and so to cut an even longer story into a lovely compressed (not unlike all of our songs) ending. We lost each other. got our elbows out, and by the encore, I one hand on the barrier, and one holding my phone up to take a picture of surprise guest Noel Fielding! dressed as Vlad the Impaler.

(thats one of Dracula’s many nicknames by the way…) For those of you who haven’t seen the video for the Kasabian song; Vlad the Impaler, it was Noel Fielding who starred in it as Vlad himself. Funny video you should definitely check it out.

I should probably wrap this up, so, I dunno, in conclusion I guess just go see Kasabian live, they kick ass.

Oh yea, and dont get shit tickets… save your self a ton of bother.


We’re all down in London for a weekend to see Kasabian at wembley. We’ll be headlining next time :D.

Have you noticed the nice spreadshirt lady didn’t come back? I’m a bit upset, I quite liked her!

I’m still worried about the Christmas Spark thing. Apparently we have to do christmas carols now. These are going to be some pretty mental christmas carols. But the good news is, at our next gig you will witness the revival of Civilian Soundmaster! We are reworking it a bit, it was too good to kill.

In other news, we have the go-ahead from Rich Huxley to record in his studio “The Crypt”. We are REALLY looking forward to it, he has all sorts of awesome toys there. I’ll see if we cant steal a video camera from someone so we can put up some stupid videos. We haven’t really decided what we’re going to record yet, so if anyone has any special requests feel free to mail us (there is a little contact box on the “Contact Us” page).

I’ll let you how awesome Kasabian are, and then we’ll probably write a song that sounds like them by accident (we get a bit exited when we hear a good band). We usually get half way through before we realize, so we have half a muse song, half a strokes song (ok, most of our songs sound like the strokes) and most recently a smashing pumpkins song (Doug’s fault).

Anyway, that’s all for now! I’ll leave you with a photo of Doug from the last time we came down to london.

Doug in London

Drunk much?

Things and Stuff

We bought mic stands! A bit boring I know. It was a great shop though, full of interesting music things. Now we can all sing with relative ease! I now need a new keyboard stand to accomodate my new keyboard.

I hate buying stuff like that because you get it home and get all exited about it and you set it up. Then what? It’s just a stand to put things on. There is nothing to play with. It doesn’t make a noise. It doesn’t give you any gratification. It doesn’t massage your balls in a pleasant way.

You will have to excuse my spelling, Doug doesn’t have the Firefox spell checker.

We had a quick, but very exiting talk with Rich Huxley about all sorts of secret things. Before he came we were trying to get our heads down and write an intro song, but we were really struggling (and getting a bit pissed off with the whole thing). The Huxley came along and made us feel much better. When he left we finished it in 10 minutes and went to the pub. You are our muse.

They did the poster for the 28th. It looks sweet!


They must have done some sneaky logo stealing because we didn’t know about this. Also, check out the under 20s only! I feel this is a little bit unfair, but kinda funny.


Love Rosie.

Shopping Time!

I just quit work because I cant stand sitting about all day doing nothing while I could be doing interesting band things! I am now a free agent.

We are off to northallerton to spend our free music shop vouchers to celebrate. We will come back with lots of interesting and maybe stupid things :D

We’ll have a proper blog entry soon :)

I’m Back!

I haven’t posted anything for a while because I have been locked in the music room re-programming the Bidule set-up with my new keyboard (and working). It’s awesome! It makes my Evolution look crap.

There are some secret things going on in the Rosie camp. More new will be on its way (I don’t want to give away too much in case it all goes balls up, which it most certainly will).

Anyway, keep on lovin’!

New Keyboard

Any non-geeks can ignore this post.

I just bought a Novation Remote 25, very much an impulse buy (although I’ve been after one for ages). It was £95. I stupidly didn’t realise that it is the MK1 version which means I’m a bit buggered. I can still use it, but I’d much rather a MK2 because it has better sliders, a really good display and flashy lights (which should help when I’m using it on a dark stage, a problem I had at the last gig). I think I can still use this one, although it’s a bit of a pain in the arse as it emptied my bank account.

Ah well! It was my own stupid fault.

As you were!


Hi! We have some good news!

Last night’s gig was a semi-disaster sound wise (my mixing was pretty terrible, due to a lack headphones), but the audience seemed to like it so we’re just going keep our heads up and move on. Thanks to everyone who came, and thanks to the bands who played with us (The Chronix, The Ferrets and We Are Painted, they really know how to get a crowd going!). If anyone got any pictures of the night, drop us an email and we’ll put them up!

We asked Chris from Selby Town Hall about playing at the next Aftershock (which is in the same venue) because we really enjoyed playing at the last one, and we were pleasantly surprised when he replied with:

“It’s actually the CYC boys who are running the festival – they just asked me to book the headliner. I suspect they are going for just Selby bands, but it’s worth a try.

HOWEVER – do you want to come and play for us on Sat 28th Nov supporting The Answering Machine?

I ask this on the back of hearing Twisted Calculator which I believe to be a work of genius.”

Which is great! You can buy tickets here. I think we’re also playing at Aftershock, although that isn’t confirmed yet.

Doug has been busy designing more t-shirts, the next one is going to be hilarious! We’re also looking at a better boxer design, the current one didn’t work that well.

About this “Christmas Spark” business. We agreed to do this because we love playing and, so far, we haven’t ever done a gig in our home town Pateley Bridge. It is an outdoors event, taking place in the courtyard where all the workshops are. However, it isn’t looking that exiting at the moment, so we are going to try and dig up a HUGE PA system and shake up all the old people. However, we’re worried that, because this is Pateley (middle of nowhere), not many people will turn up, and those that do will very much disapprove of our music. We’d really appreciate it if some die-hard fans could trek their way over at 8pm on the 4th of December and support your favourite band!

I think that’s about it news wise, keep dropping by for all the latest!

With love and many thanks,


Haha, it looks like I’ve been a complete idiot, aftershock is the 5th of DECEMBER not November. That gives you all plenty of time to put it in your diaries (or your iPhones or whatever you kids use these days).

Tonight’s gig will definitely be a laugh if nothing else, we haven’t managed to have a proper practice, and we’re pretty much going to make it up as we go along. No empty bottles please! :D

New Genre

Rosie have just discovered their sound. We bring you…… Stupid Music :D:D:D:D:D:D

This came about through deep meditation and too much family guy.

p.s wueeeeyyyyyy


Just a quick note, I’ve emailed the organisers of the Selby Aftershock (in the Selby Town hall, it actually looks like a great venue). I haven’t actually confirmed anything, but you should definitely come along anyway. It’s this wednesday.


Hey! We now have a Spreadshirt Shop! Visually it isn’t quite finished (I’m crap at HTML, any help would be much appreciated :D) but the content is there. You can get t-shirts, hoodies, thongs, boxers and aprons! It’s pretty sweet.

At the moment you can only buy things in white (or at least a light colour) because we haven’t uploaded vector designs. We’ll get on to it (along with the page layout) over the next few days.

Also, Happy Halloween! I forgot :D


Another recording I found. This is me, Tommy, Doug, my little brother and our dear friend Sam Collier. I think we were about 15/16 when we did this.

It makes me happy :)


This isn’t really “Rosie” as such, more of a side project. I’m supposed to be doing a 20 minute soundtrack for a drama project at Nidderdale High School. Last years theme was “The Deep”. Underwater stuff is easy. This years theme is Africa. I don’t know anything about African music…

So we went down to Knock on Wood and Andy kindly lent us some instruments to play with. We were going to spend the whole weekend on it but I managed to catch a bit of swine flu so it has been postponed. Anyway, this is what we came up with: (it goes on a bit btw, we haven’t bothered with a proper structure so it just loops over and over, you don’t have to listen to it all)

It’s a pretty rough recording, and I don’t think it fits the brief at all (this section was supposed to be Meerkats). If anyone out there knows anything about African music and is willing to offer some advice, it would be greatly appreciated.

African Instruments

We should really talk to Sega about this whole sonic thing tommy has got going.

Anyway, back to Rosie. We’re pretty stuck at the moment, what with having no money. We have a huge merchandising scheme planned, but we cant afford it at the moment (keep an eye out for Rosie branded underwear :D). I also want to get some web hosting so that we can expand the blog a bit.

Our wish list is here, our e.p. is here and our Paypal donate button is here :D

I was cleaning out one of my drives last night (in my dressing gown) and I dug up a load of old recordings. They were just for memory purposes (recorded in bidule with no drums mics so the sound is terrible) but there are some pretty funny ones.

I give you Stoned Improv:

I’m not sure I should put the drunk doug recording up, it’s pretty bad (although if we get a few donations I might consider it :D)

I’ve decided I’m not very good at concluding posts…

AfterShock Videos

Here they are! There are some pretty amazing screw-ups. Enjoy!

And last but not least:

Our First e.p. Download and AfterShock

Yes! On October the 22nd someone downloaded our e.p. They didn’t pay anything, but that’s ok, it’s enough to know that it’s out there somewhere!

Yesterdays gig was really good. I’ll admit it wasn’t our best gig music wise. We tried a few new songs which didn’t go down that well, and we were a bit hungover, but it was definitely the best venue we have played. The PA was LOUD. We stayed on for the Utah Saints who rocked balls (and they gave us a sticker :D).

I’m currently uploading a few videos. Keep an eye out for them :)