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The Making of Charlie Don’t Surf

Ok, so I wanted to do a blog post for each track (like Hope and Social did for their album “April”), but I thought I’d tell you about the cover first (as that’s the bit you see first).

We wanted to do something a bit special for the cover, being that it’s our first single.

The thing with first singles is, hardly anyone buys them, but the people who did can say “I was there at the beginning, I helped this band become what they are now” (whatever that might be). This meant it had to be handmade, and preferably a bit unusual, so we turned my kitchen in a makeshift sweat shop and set to work.

Ages ago we had this idea to arrange the covers into a big square and paint across them, so that each one is a little piece of something bigger. The beauty of it is, that’s essentially what you get when you buy an album/single, you buy a piece of the band. You’re watering the plant, as it were.

Now, here’s what we want you to do. Everyone who buys the single (either from the bandcamp page or at a gig) has to take a picture of themselves holding the single and email it to info @ It doesn’t necessarily have to be you if you’re shy. It could be an awesome guitar, or a little furry kitten. The photos will be going up here, just click on your square to see the photo.

That’s all for now, I’ll leave you with a view of Doug’s arse as he paints.

On All Things Rosie

We’ve been out of the loop for a while… again. I attribute this to some mild insanity. We were so busy making pirate costumes, rape flags and sweet firing cannons that we forgot to be a band.

Anyway, we’re back again, with some very important news:

First off, due to popular demand, we have done a killer live version of John The Frog! It will have it’s debut performance at Cultureshock on the 3rd of July.

There is also a new website up – – most of you have already seen in, but if you’ve been hiding in a hole for the last few weeks, check it out. Also, if anything breaks, it would be really helpful if you sent us a message in the contact box so I can fix it (or if it’s working fine, you can send a message telling me how awesome it is).

We have released a new single “Charlie Don’t Surf“. It is available as a download or on a disk, and you can pay whatever you think it’s worth! (that includes nothing if you think it’s rubbish, or you’re broke). We are contemplating doing a video for 5 Pints of Wine, in which doug does exactly that (with amusing after effects I imagine).

For now, I’ll leave you with a photo from the last battle of the bands we did (not the pirate one).

Baby Sloths!

Courtesy of ESS3969 :)

Lights and 6K


We haven’t blogged for ages, but apparently people keep coming back, so I felt it was time for another post.

We have a gig coming up at Fibbers supporting Lights. She’s a great electro-pop type act, who I suspect will be amazing live after seeing Run Toto Run play at The Golden Lion, who have a similar sort of sound (seriously cool band).

I’ve put some tickets up here, along with a groovy tune Doug did a while ago.

Anyone who went to the TestTone3 gig may find this funny:

Luckily, second slot support, alternative rock band Rosie, were feeling generous and showered their audience with the gift of bloody good music. Never ones to hold back, Rosie closed their consistant set by dragging various members of The Jack-Stops and Testtone3 creating a big super group to soak up their sheer musical brilliance like one thirsty sponge.

We are now on the 6KVision roster for the year! I’ll be posting a bit more about it at another date, but to find out about what’s happening check out this AudioBoo from Rich Huxley. They gave us a band to mentor called The Reluctance. We’re not sure if we’ll be the best role models, but we’ll try our best…

Me and Doug are currently in Newcastle at Sam Colliers house for his birthday. We’re recovering from an awesome night.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with this video taken on the way to the gig in bedale with Heavy the Burden and The Majors (who are also on the 6K roster, expect big things from them soon!). It was actually a really great gig!

Ok… I’m not going to post that because Doug doesn’t have his wire, you can see that next time. This is something I dug up from ages ago (back when we were Spigure O Feach)


This blog post is coming to you from somewhere in Pateley Bridge. We’ve been out of contact for many days now, with no hope of internet.

I’m posting this from my grandmas garden (gotta love wireless). It is very cold, and I’m not very well (poor me etc etc). Suffice to say that that I’m on the edge. So when news reached me that we are playing at THE 6K VISION FASHION SHOW at Northallerton College I very nearly fell off my wall (I was sitting on a wall). I don’t know much about it, but it sounds hilarious. We’ll keep you posted on that one.

As you probably know we played a gig at Fibbers last Saturday. It was a really interesting night. Dorian Starre were headlining (it’s pronounced “star” by the way, I thought it was “stare”). My favourite song of theirs would have to be Human Future, their last song. I love it, it has a really lazy “I don’t give a crap” rock and roll feel to it. They also have a new website, it’s pretty damn cool (better than ours. I blame Doug). Supporting them were Glass. The lead singer is the guy who announces the Battle of the Bands at Fibbers with his terrible jokes. He’s hilarious (in fact, they all are. They all seem to have a similar, bizarre sense of humour). It took a couple of listens to really “get” their music. They kindly gave us a copy of their EP/album (I cant decide which it is, I imagine it’s probably somewhere inbetween) and I have been listening to it.

What’s even more interesting is the story they put behind the band. It’s written like a novel (or perhaps I misunderstood and it’s all true).

I’ve been researching the life of Anthony Glass for over a year, and so far I’ve got more questions than answers. A bizarre collection of coincidences, synchronicity and luck, or are there larger forces at work?

Their site is well worth a look.

It was definitely one of our better gigs, the Tadcaster Possy were throwing some sweet moves and just being generally beautiful. We also tried out some new songs and we very nearly got them right! (including Feel Electric, which will be our next release).

Talking of releases, the holidays are looking pretty busy. We’re finishing of our recordings with Rich Huxley, and 6kvision just gave us the go ahead to borrow some equipment to do some recordings of our own, which we shall document for your viewing pleasure (I’d like to do the live webcam thing Embrace did recently, I’ll look into it).

We’re also booked for The Limetree Festival and the Willowman Festival. More on that later.

That looks like everything band related for now. There should be some amusing photos from our Cornwall roadtrip next weekend. But until then, I’ll leave you with a picture of Doug, on the trampoline in a sleeping bag:

Turning a Pacifica into a Telecaster

Have you been hankering for a nice Telecaster but cant afford it? We Doug has, so we came up with an ingenious solution.

Step 1

Take your guitar and place it on a suitable surface (the kitchen table).

Step 2

Use a jigsaw to vaguely cut a Telecaster shape into it (take care not to cut a Gibson shape):

Step 3

Round off the edges with a rasp. So far you should have something resembling this:

If you don’t then you’ve probably done something wrong.

Now, as you know, a Telecaster is nothing without it’s paint job, which moves us nicely onto…

Step 4

We aimed for a nice “Daphne Blue” colour as seen here:

Our’s isn’t as neat, but it’s a fair match:

And we’re done! Look out for the new and improved Jazz guitar at Fibbers this Friday.

Much love,

Fibbers and Newcastle

First off, I would like to officially confirm that we are now playing on the 27TH of Feburary at the Dog and Parrot. Not the 22nd or the 20th. THIS WILL BE THE LAST TIME IT CHANGES. The good news is, Sam Collier (our dearest friend) is also playing on that day!!! So you can come and see two great acts for the price of one (plus a few other bands, but we don’t know them).

Fibbers was ace! There was a turnout of around 200 people. The Standbys won (they were ace) and we came second (we got the judges vote again :D). Apparently there is a chance we can still go through, the rules are confusing. Heads up to The Jackstops too, they had a great set.

Overall it was a pretty surprising night. I was positive Elan Vitale would win (they have some great songs), and I definitely didn’t think we would get 2nd. I should mention here that we most certainly wouldn’t have come second without the Tadcaster/Aftershock chaps (You guys are mental!!! We want you at every gig) and anyone else who came to see us/voted for us. We were a bit grumpy (it is becoming a trend at these battle of the bands) and I’m sorry that we didn’t get a chance to give you all big hugs.

We’re playing another battle of the bands this friday at the Hambleton Forum. We’re really looking forward to playing Northallerton again, I feel like we have roots there. We’re up against The Shadracks (our arch nemesis, there will be shenanigans! :D), Rise From the Ashes, Ailish Breen, The Pinstripes, Electric Nightmares, One Way Street and Carnelian (couldn’t find everyone). I’ll admit I not sure about our chances for this one, WHY DOES EVERYONE HAVE TO BE SO DAMN GOOD!!

We’ll be following all this up with a nice recording session on Sunday (to fix up doug’s crappy vocal takes that we did at 4am). I’m going to make an effort to photograph all of this so I’ll have something interesting to put on the blog!

Thanks again for everyone who voted for us.

Live long and prosper (those of you who are savy may very well make a connection after seeing our performance o).