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Hey! I just thought I’d write something to let you know we’re still alive. The snow just keeps getting deeper, it’s getting annoying!

As you may know, we’re doing a battle of the bands at Fibbers in York on the 17th and we need as many people as possible to come and support us, so come along and bring your friends and family!

A couple of people asked about having our music playing on their myspace or facebook page. For myspace just paste the following code somewhere on your profile:

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For Facebook it’s a bit trickier, first you have to add the ReverbNation Music Application. Then try searching for “Rosie” and one of our songs (Twisted Calculator would probably be best, nobody has a song called that :D). Once you’ve found us just add all of our songs to the list and you’re away! You can add other artists too.

I’ll try and find a better way of doing this :) Remember to suggest Rosie to all of your friends! You have no idea how helpful it is for us.


It’s Christmas!

That is all…

Snowed In

Woop! The whole band got completely snowed in at my house the other day. Unfortunately we couldn’t actually play because we left Tommy’s drum pedal in The Crypt. However, I did a nice recording of Sam Collier’s new song. It still isn’t quite finished yet.

I’ve had “Looking for Answers” by Hope and Social stuck in my head for 3 days now, it’s starting to get annoying.

In our snowed in boredom Tommy discovered a whole load of old videos of the band on his computer. Back from when we were young, stupid and liked to burn things. He had an old car that wasn’t road legal, so he modified it with an angle grinder. I give you, Tommy’s Car:


Well, the time is nearly upon us, and we thought we should do something to celebrate. Before that though, we have some great photos of the Pateley gig courtesy of Richard Corfield. You can find them here.


Pulling a stupid face :D

Not singing into the mic again.

As for the christmas thing, we’re planning on playing at the Little Wonder in harrogate. We’ll be bringing our PA system so it should be LOUD :D. We hope lots of people will come along, we’ll all go into town afterwards and have a laugh!

That’s all for now, I’ll keep you updated when we’ve arranged a date and another band :).

Found It!

It was my own, idiotic fault. How do you leave a keyboard at a gig?!? Ah well, the lovely 6K guys are bringing it down on thursday so all is well.

We’re entered into the Fibbers Battle of the Bands (york) with £1000 prize money :D. We’re up against ARCTIC FURY, ON OUR FEET, NEW LAW and WHAT THE CAT DRAGGED IN. We are going to need the support of our die-hard audience for this one. It’s £4 in and each person gets a voting slip. The band with the most votes wins so get your ass down there.

I will leave you with a picture of the Rosie Truck:



We had a great time at Aftershock this weekend, although I was disapointed at the lack of Laser Quest, probably too much rain. There were some amazingly stupid technical problems (my fault), but we pulled through, so it’s ok. If anyone has any photos send a message in the “Contact Us” box and I’ll get back to you.

Unfortunaly either I’m an idiot and I left one of my keyboards there, or some sod ran off with it, so we’re a bit buggered at the moment. I need to get hold of the 6k guys and see if they picked it up.

This is all made up for by the nice message we got from Emily:

Aaah! I love you guys, seriously. :)
You were amazing at Aftershock, Selby tonight (:
I actually would pay so much to see you guys live again, :D
Thanks for the tshirt, the plectrum, the signed arm, and a bloody great night :)
Emily x (one of the two wierdo’s at the front ;))

We love you too :)

What is going on?!?!

It happened again! Top searches “naked in scotland” “doug naked”. I’m starting to think people like us for other reasons!

Last night was cold (really cold) but pretty fun. We had some epic screw-ups and we tried some new things but over all I think it was a success!

We have to go and load everything up for tonight, so I’ll leave it at that. See you tonight!

Good Times and New Things

Hey! It’s been a while (I’ve been recovering from my birthday, and just generally otherwise engaged).

Nick made us a new keyboard stand! We tried it out at the latest gig:


I know, it’s pretty cool right :D

The gig itself went well. There wasn’t a huge crowd, but they all seemed to have a good time, so it’s ok.

I won’t put them all up, just look at our channel.

We have 2 gigs this weekend! Starting with our début gig in our home town (playing to the sheep and the cows). If all goes well some people will dance, some ears will bleed and some car alarms will go off.

This is the new poster for it (they made us change it because “nobody will get it”).

New Poster

Anyway, I’ve been looking at this screen far too long (stupid youtube uploading thing). Hope to see you at the next gig!


Good news, we’ve been booked for AfterShock on the 5th of December. It’s in Selby this time, at the Community Centre. We’re playing at 8pm before the last band. It should be a laugh!

In other news, the Christmas Spark thing is starting to look a little bit more interesting. We have the use of an awesome PA (provided by our dear friend James) so it’s going to be LOUD!

Here’s the poster (it’s not really finished yet, we’ll probably change it):


Our quotes page is looking a little bit thin! I would be great if you could stick your comments in the “Contact Us” page and just say what you think (negative comments are great too).

We’re practising all weekend to get our set nailed (it’s not ready until you can play it in the dark… wasted).