Rosie the band's weblog


Hey guys and girls,

This last week has been the most productive we’ve had… EVER. With a few minor mishaps:

Blue Screen of Death :(

We wrote an awesome quiet song last weekend (with all of us singing :S) and we generally improved our live songs in preparation for the battle of the bands on sunday (7:30pm at the York Fibbers if you’re coming! It would be great to meet some of you guys there). We have made further progress with our single, which is now looking more like an EP!

If anyone has a spare minute go and vote for one of the songs on here. I want to mix Stuck Like Glue, but my favourite is Looking for Answers.

We had a great day doing preproduction with Rich Huxley. After a slow start, we got down and dirty and made some important creative decisions. We’re going to keep the track list to ourselves for the minutes, and I’m debating whether I should post the rough recordings that we did.

Maybe if enough people come on sunday…

I’ll leave you with a picture of what seems to be Doug annoying Rich while he does something useful:


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